Ecommerce + Fulfillment = Need for U-PIC Shipping Insurance

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

What is a fulfillment center?

The new and exciting service that is coming to the forefront in the shipping industry is Fulfillment centers. “You sell it, we ship it”. The fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) started this new fad. Basically, a fulfillment center is a place where you as a merchant can store your packages and rely on a business such as Amazon to pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products.

Ship Happens! ™

As Fulfillment centers continue to pop up, like every business, you have to use trial and error to work out the kinks. The great thing about fulfillment centers is that all of your products are stored at the same place. But here’s the thing; higher quantity means mistakes are more likely to happen. Ship Happens! ™ Customers love the convenience of buying from home until they receive a purchase that has been damaged. Thankfully, shipping insurance can help ease that frustration.

Why shipping insurance is even more important!

Your company’s shipping costs can certainly add up. Shipping insurance through U-PIC however, is cheaper than you think. Sellers choose to have shipping insurance, a service that may reimburse senders whose packages are lost, damaged or were shorted in transit. U-PIC Insurance Services is the leader in providing low cost shipping insurance. U-PIC allows you to save up to 90% on shipping insurance.

Claims Management

Most fulfillment centers leave the liability in the seller’s hands. The carrier’s claims process can be very long and tedious. At U-PIC, claims are filed electronically and the status can be reviewed 24/7. Claims are resolved in only 7 -10 business days compared to the carriers up to 6 months. U-PIC also offers online chat, so you can reach an experienced licensed insurance representative to answer your questions.
Insured Shipments by U-PIC