Why Postal Shipping Insurance Is Crucial

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

New businesses are often hesitant of added expenses, and this is certainly not without reason. It is always wise to weigh the cost of any business expense against the benefits. Shipping insurance is an area where the benefits are hugely in its favor. Insured shipping protects your products against a number of hazards, mishaps, and accidents that could range from mildly inconvenient to outright devastating if you had to pay for those losses out of pocket. Here are some reasons why postal insurance through U-PIC is so vital.

Affordable and Effective

Not all shipping insurance is the same. Through U-PIC, you can look forward to lower rates compared to traditional carrier shipping insurance. Instead of waiting months and months to see your claim properly filed and any issues resolved—as is the case with traditional carrier shipping coverage—U-PIC makes sure that your claim is processed in less than two weeks. This can make a difference when you are trying to connect one end of your business to another halfway across the globe. Plus, U-PIC covers both the replacement cost and the shipping cost. It is the combination of being both affordable and highly effective that makes U-PIC’s postal insurance a better choice over the carrier.

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

Fast and Easy

Why is it that claims are filed so quickly with U-PIC? It is because U-PIC offers automated shipping claims. This means a less paperwork is involved before processing your claim. Our online chat services and impeccable customer service connect you to the information and the services you need, when you need them.

Tradition of Excellence

U-PIC's shipping insurance team has been successfully giving businesses the best service in shipping insurance since 1989. That is over 25 years of mastering attention to detail, servicing insurance claims and handling insurance coverage.

Postal insurance varies from one company to the next, but with U-PIC Shipping Insurance, they combine reasonable prices and quality service. If you have questions about coverage or availability, feel free to visit u-pic.com, or contact one of their friendly representatives.